Thrive Global: "10 Principles of a Bestselling Book Cover"
How I created a cover which hit #1 in the entire Amazon store

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but that’s often exactly how a reader decides which book to take home. It’s the first and only thing they see before opening up the book ...

Thrive Global: "For the Win: 10 Striking Similarities Between Ping Pong and Business"
Why few things are as powerful as simply staying in the game

In sport as in business, success means staying completely focused on your goal and doing everything possible to attain it ...

Thrive Global: "Inspiration from Rock Legend David Bowie"
Bowie was never afraid to push the boundaries

Facebook: "Rejected Ideas: How "Reinvent Yourself" Might Have Looked"

Of all of my books, I had never seen this before. I was so surprised ...

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You may know that lenders often “pull your credit” when considering you as an applicant. But did you know that there are two types of credit inquiries — a soft credit inquiry and a hard credit inquiry?

Medium: "Inspiration from Rock Legend David Bowie … Part 2!"

Bowie was never afraid to push the boundaries. His death shook up the world, but his words live on. Below are the inspirational words inspired by my visit to the exhibition “David Bowie is” at The Brooklyn Museum.